Auto post your presentations on Twitter and Facebook as you upload on authorSTREAM

Now you don’t need login to Facebook and Twitter to share your presentations. Just one click and your authorSTREAM presentations will be posted to Facebook and Twitter.

authorSTREAM’s “Social Auto Post” feature automates your PowerPoint sharing capabilities on Twitter and Facebook. You can automatically publish your public presentations on these sites as soon as they are uploaded on your authorSTREAM account.
Remember this feature only auto publishes your public presentations and not the private ones.

Why you’ll love this feature?

1. Present your content to the world within a fraction of seconds through Twitter.

Your presentation link gets tweeted as soon as you upload it on your authorSTREAM account. Just one click and your presentation is tweeted on Twitter right from authorSTREAM.

2. Play your presentations on your Facebook wall

As soon as you upload your presentation on authorSTREAM, it gets posted on your Facebook wall. You don’t have to login to your Facebook account, just a click and your presentation is posted on your wall.

How to enable Social Auto Post?

To enable this feature, click on “Update Profile” from your dashboard and then select “Social Auto Post” from the page. You can also check out this link to enable the Social Auto Post feature on your authorSTREAM account:

What’s more?

It’s a great feature because it keeps you away from struggling to post a presentation manually on Twitter or Facebook. But it comes with a choice to grant or revoke this access anytime you wish. You can stop posting your presentations to any site whenever you want.

What’s next?

In near future, authorSTREAM will equip you to automatically share your slideshows and related updates on other social websites.

We strive to make your experience of sharing presentations easier and simpler like never before. Get started with this feature now.

(Please note: This feature is exclusively for public presentations only).

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