Learn the art of creating an effective PowerPoint

Did you deliver hundreds of presentations but still feel the need to master the art of presenting? Don’t worry. Let’s walk through a few techniques to create an effective presentation.

Don’t get perplexed while using PowerPoint- it’s a simple tool. If used intelligently, it is the most persuasive form to present your ideas, plans or arguments. You don’t require rocket-science knowledge to use it. Just a couple of clicks and you can present graphics in various shapes, sizes and colors. Play around with text, font color and font types to convey the message effectively. Practice these tricks and you’ll get better and better at the art of presentation. However, there are a few techniques to uniquely use all these elements (text or graphics) on a slide. One can learn them only from the masters who have perfected the art.

Have you ever wondered why Steve Jobs’ presentations were a masterpiece?

We all know he didn’t sell computers but stories. Steve narrated these stories through PowerPoint. His PowerPoints were simple, sizzled, focused with a personal touch and had persuasive message to carry. In all his presentations, Steve used brightly colored images on each slide with just one or two words. He was successful in painting a marvelous picture in the audiences’ minds through visuals intertwined with his words. Jobs used facts, figures, graphs and charts to support his arguments.

Pointers from Steve Jobs art of presenting
Like Steve Jobs, you too can tell mind-gripping stories to your audiences and win them over. Some pointers to help you create an effective presentation: 

  • Create an effective PowerPoint that carries your message very clearly to the audiences.
  • With bullet points blended intelligently with the images, you can burn down the information on the slides into the memory of a viewer. 
  • Present your points, ideas or arguments in the form of a story so that it becomes easy for audiences to understand what you want to convey.
  • It can be used as a valuable tool in not only making your audiences understand your message but also motivating them to act on your points. Whether you want to create an inspirational or simply informative presentation, PowerPoint is an effective medium to choose. 

Apply these pointers while creating a PowerPoint, at which Steve Jobs excelled. Narrate a story like Steve did and maintain a consistent flow to penetrate your message deep into a viewer’s mind. Keep your presentation style simple and uncluttered so that your presentation has a clear focus. Get your message heard and persuade your audiences to do the things what you intend them to do.

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