Make sharing easy with your own profile URL at authorSTREAM

 Is it hard to remember and share your profile URL that contains a puzzling string of words? authorSTREAM now offers you, your own unique profile URL that consists of the site address and your username.

The idea is to make it easier for your friends, family, co-workers and other contacts to search your profile effortlessly on authorSTREAM. It also becomes easy for you to spread a word about your authorSTREAM profile by embedding this web address in the blogs or websites of your choice.

At present, your URLs look something like this: and now they will be automatically redirected to your own unique authorSTREAM username:

Please Note: If your username violates anyone else’s trademark rights, we reserve the right to edit or claim the username. Also, your profile URL will be same as your username at authorSTREAM and you won’t be able to change the username in the profile URL.

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