authorSTREAM: “doing to presentations as YouTube is doing to videos”

An Indian based Newsdaily recently featured authorSTREAM as an easy way to express and absorb knowledge, in a news article on PowerPoint sharing websites. The story talks about the potential of PowerPoints and the role of PowerPoint sharing websites, featuring authorSTREAM among the top Content and PowerPoint sharing websites, and as “doing to presentations as YouTube is doing to videos.”

The story goes into detail mentioning some of the power tools that authorSTREAM offers like: broadcast your presentations on the site, convert them into videos, and also retain voice narrations and also collaborate at work using it.

authorSTREAM has kept the basic essence of PowerPoint, beautiful craft with a fabulous interplay of images, video, animations, special effects and words. Along with it provides sophisticated ways to share presentations, privately by invite and publicly with the world, also offers widgets (software code) that can be embedded on blogs or websites; and share them on social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook.

The story points out the underestimated power of presentations, which authorSTREAM is very well helping its users realize. Have a look at some of the cool presentations of power users of authorSTREAM:

Nubia group’s Holiday Lights Around the World

Sisi Kramer’s Shadows

TiE’s Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis

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