Embed presentation with branding: Replace authorSTREAM logo with your own logo

Are you a brand freak? Wanna retain it even when you embed presentation on website and blogs? Replace authorSTREAM logo with your own logo and give a customized look and feel to the presentation embeds. 

Benefits of branding with your own logo when embed presentation:

  • Makes your presentation embed look like your own work with a personal logo
  •  Keeps the viewers from being directed to authorSTREAM’s site as they can no more see authorSTREAM logo on your embedded presentation
  • Customize your presentation further by choosing from pre-designed themes and border colors that best match your webpages

Anyone can tell just by looking at the presentation embeds that its yours.

See how it works:

This is how it looks when you embed presentation with authorSTREAM logo:

This is how it looks when you embed presentation with your own logo:

How can you replace authorSTREAM logo with your own logo in authorSTREAM presentation embeds?

It’s simple. Become a privileged business member of authorSTREAM and then follow these easy steps:

  • Click My Stuff tab, select Premium Account link
  • Click My logo option, you’ll be directed to My Logo page where you can upload a custom logo

  • Once uploaded successfully, go to My Presentations link from My Stuff tab
  • Look for the presentation you have embedded into your blog/website
  • Click Embed tab, select Customize Embed link next to the embed code provided directing you to Customize Embed window
  • Personalize theme and border for your presentation embed
  • Click Show Navigation Bar option, select Use Company Logo and save changes

Simply copy the updated embed code and paste it in your blog/website. You’ll see your own logo in the presentation embed. Remember your logo will only show up on presentations embedded outside of authorSTREAM.

Upgrade to business membership to enjoy the benefits of branding on presentation embeds.

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