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While we are writing an instructional post with steps on how to use authorPOINT to sync video and audio in your PowerPoint presentations, thought of sharing some interesting ways to use these presentations:

  • Create web based lectures for Distance Learning. For instance, a Distance Education instructor can create lectures and post them to BlackBoardT, WebCTT and other learning management systems (LMS). Your students see your narration while they comprehend the lectures.
  • Convert your PowerPoint files to Flash. Did you know converting your PowerPoint presentation dramatically reduces the size of the files? It just means they are very easy to share whether via email or over the Internet, are truly platform independent, and makes sure no one copies your intellectual property.
  • Solve and save Science and Engineering problems and post them on the Web for your students to view them. You can record your own narration, use pointers and clear navigation to explain arcane concepts to your students. And make them available on the Internet for them to view whenever they require. There’s nothing like rich resources easily available to use when learning.
  • Communicate with your team members better by explaining your ideas using authorPOINT. authorPOINT presentations are a great tool when trying to address issues with off site employees or customers.
  • Use authorPOINT as a rapid e-learning tool to build PowerPoint based training modules with audio and video. For instance e-learning specialists can create web based training (WBT and CBT).
  • Capture live seminars complete with audio and video, convert them to web based presentations and post them on the web for anyone to access.

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