Embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint in the blink of an eye

Do you have an awesome YouTube video to share in your PowerPoint presentation? But, find it difficult to embed it in your presentation.

Embedding a video in a presentation can be a little tricky, if you’re not familiar with the process of developer tab or online tools that can help you solve this problem. The developer tab is complex to use and need to have a technical know-how. It is also difficult to lay your hands on the right kind of tools without proper knowledge of which one can work best for you.

So, how can you untangle yourself from this trouble?
Download authorSTREAM Desktop and all your worries are gone.
It’s a free PowerPoint add-in for PowerPoint 2007 and 2010. With this add-in, you can easily insert and play your YouTube video in a presentation.

Just follow these easy steps and get started:

  • Download authorSTREAM Desktop on your system and open your PowerPoint where you want to embed the video
  • Click on authorSTREAM tab in the PowerPoint ribbon, select the slide to insert the video
  • Click Insert any URL/Embed button in the authorSTREAM tab
  • Insert any URL/Embed window appears onscreen where you can paste the URL of your YouTube video
  • Click Preview option to view the video and then click Insert

In the first look, you’ll see a big cross on the slide where you’ve embedded the video; don’t worry that is your video. You can resize it or place it anywhere you want. To view whether it’s playing fine on the slide, run the slideshow (press F5 key).

What’s best about authorSTREAM Desktop – you can even upload your presentation right from there, and share with anyone with a simple URL. Rest assured, your video will play perfectly even when in the cloud.

authorSTREAM desktop helps inserting Vimeo videos in slides as well.

By: Shivalli Gupta
Sr. Executive Support and Training

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