Capture live audio in PowerPoint for a rich slideshow experience

Microsoft PowerPoint has a nifty feature known as ‘Voice Narrations’ which lets you capture and sync live audio with the presentation slides. With the voice narrations, you can record and add your own voice to the slides and share them with anyone, anywhere.

While you prepare to record and add your voice ensure that your computer is equipped with a sound card, microphone and speakers so that you can record and hear the narration.

Follow these steps to add voice narration to your PowerPoint presentation:

  • Select the slide to record narration. On the Slide Show tab, go to Set Up group, and click Record Narration option.

  • Record Narration dialogue box appears onscreen where you can set the microphone level and control the sound quality. Click Set Microphone Level, read the directions in Microphone Check dialog box to find out if your microphone is working properly.

As you speak into the microphone, the PowerPoint automatically adjusts the microphone volume. You can also adjust the slider manually. Click OK when you’ve finished testing. 

Next, click Change Quality button. Select the sound quality you want by from Attributes menu of the Sound Selection dialog box. Lower kilohertz settings saves more disk space and run more smoothly on older computers. Higher KHz settings gives you better sound. Click OK to exit the Sound Selection dialog box. Record Narration dialog box remains open where you can again click OK to begin recording your narration.

  • A Record Narration dialog box prompts on your screen where you can select the slide (first slide or current slide) to start recording narration.

  • Your presentation will open in a slide show mode automatically where you can start recording your voice. Speak into the microphone and start recording your message.

To pause the narration, in the Recording shortcut menu, click Pause. Later, to resume the narration, click Play.

When you’ve finished recording your own voice, right-click with your mouse on the slide, select End Show option. 

PowerPoint prompts you to save the slide timings. A pop-up box appears where you can “Save” the slides to advance automatically with your narration. Or to play the slides manually, click “Don’t Save.”

Here’s how your narrated PowerPoint presentation looks like:


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By: Shivalli Gupta
Sr. Executive Support and Training