Free Webinar by Robert Lane- How to make visually engaging PowerPoint presentations?

Robert Lane, the founder of Aspire Communications, will teach you in a one-hour FREE webinar to create a visually interactive PowerPoint presentation and how to quickly hold your viewers’ attention.

Aspire communications trains people to become more visual and dynamic while delivering presentations. As the founder, Robert Lane has been involved in creating, developing and experimenting with different techniques that can help a speaker feel more confident while presenting. A visually interactive presentation, tailored messages and strategies that can help speaker navigate within the presentation play an important role.

In this webinar, Robert will teach you to add a simple, yet powerful navigation strategy to your slides that enables you to select relevant topics while interacting with the audiences. You’ll learn five UNIQUE steps necessary to convert your presentations into visually engaging and audience-friendly tools.

Robert is also the author of well-known books: Relational Presentation: A Visually Interactive Approach and Selling Visually with PowerPoint.

The much-awaited webinar is scheduled on:

Day: Thursday, April 5, 2012
Time: 1:00 PM(PST)
Duration: 1 hour

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Key takeaways of the webinar are:

  • Build navigation strategies that help you quickly adjust timing, display extra details and change focus while speaking
  • Tailor messages to match viewer’s interests
  • Master techniques for converting text to visuals that expand the impact of your words

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  1. I was not able to attend the webinar. We have typhoon here in the Philippines. Can I have a copy of the webinar; or is there a replay? Thanks

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