PowerPoint to video engine gets better: Now supports embedded videos and slide transition effects

We are thrilled to announce major enhancements to our PowerPoint to video conversion engine and they are:
  • Support for embedded video (WMV & AVI) in video conversions
  • Support for Transition effects in video conversions
  • Improved conversion engine with fast conversion time and more accurate results
These are a few of the most requested features geared to take PowerPoint to video conversion experience to an advanced level. 

Support for embedded video (WMV & AVI) in video conversions
Now when you convert a PowerPoint presentation containing videos (WMV & AVI) to any video format (AVI, FLV, WMV or MP4), the video output of the presentation will play these in-slide videos as well.
  • Simply embed video in your PowerPoint 2010 presentation
  • Upload the PowerPoint presentation on authorSTREAM
  • Convert your PowerPoint to video
Take a look at how in-slide video plays inside a video created out of a PowerPoint presentation. 

Note: authorSTREAM supports this feature in PowerPoint 2010 and  only WMV and AVI video formats are supported for a video conversion.

Transition effects in video conversions
  • Add transition effects to your slides
  • Upload the PowerPoint on authorSTREAM
  • Convert your PowerPoint to video
You’ll get a video presentation with artistic and impressive effects. Take a look at a video presentation with transition effects:

Note: authorSTREAM supports this feature in all PowerPoint versions.

Improved conversion engine with fast conversion time and more accurate

With the improved conversion engine, we have decreased the conversion time for your PowerPoint presentations to video. Issues like audio overlapping, missing audio, audio out of sync and failure to insert audio have also been taken care of in this version. A few other things that you’ll see in this release are:
  • WMA audio format support in video conversion.
  • authorSTREAM also supports video conversion of presentations with hidden slides (you can hide your slides by opening your presentation, on the Slides tab in the left, right-click the slide which you wish to hide and then click Hide option).

How is authorSTREAM’s video conversion feature better than PowerPoint 2010?

PowerPoint 2010
PowerPoint to Video conversion support Supports video conversion for most PowerPoint versions (2002(XP)/2003/2007/2010) Supports video conversion only in PowerPoint 2010
Audio support in video conversions, created out of any PowerPoint presentation version Yes Audio compatibility issues are more often
Playing sound across selected slides  Yes Yes, but when more than 1 audio file is inserted in a presentation and selected for specific slides, audio overlapping problems crop up
Transition sound effect  Yes No
Preference to rehearse timings set for each slide (in case when slide contains some media)
Yes No
Video formats support AVI, FLV, MP4 and WMV WMV video format only
Share presentation videos on YouTube Send directly to YouTube (no need to download)  Upload manually 

There are various advantages of converting a PowerPoint presentations to video. PowerPoint presentations in video format are easy to distribute; online or offline (via Video sharing websites, on a pen drive, DVD etc.) and makes your presentation accessible to a wide range of audience. 

Besides unlimited PPT to video conversions for premium members, authorSTREAM also offers  pay as you go model. One PowerPoint to video conversion of 100 minutes just costs $3.
No need to spend hefty amount on buying Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 just for PowerPoint to video conversions. Just try out authorSTREAM’s single PowerPoint to video conversion of 5 minutes for free. 

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  3. wow! this is superb! this is definitely what ive benn looking for. How brilliant this idea in having powerpoint presentations in a video format. technology really works anything and anywhere.

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  4. I inserted a mp4 file unto power point slide. however, the audio and video is out of sync (don’t match as the original file does).

    what happened?

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