Sharing large PowerPoint files? Not a Problem anymore

Want to share large PowerPoint presentation file without choking your mail box.
They are a few options available: you can reduce the size of the images with a photo editing program, save images to a low resolution or compress them in Microsoft’s PowerPoint compression feature.

No matter what you do, the problem is size still remains reasonably large to choke mail boxes, and the quality of your images goes down.

Wouldn’t it be easy to share your presentations online? This way when you have to share, you’ll be just sending a link. authorSTREAM is an online PowerPoint sharing platform that lets you share PowerPoint presentations of size upto 1 GB (i.e. 1024 MB) through web, just with a click. Your presentations are shared within a few seconds and exactly the way you create them. 

Your contacts can view the presentation online on authorSTREAM or download the PowerPoint file on their desktop for offline viewing. Your presentations always remain on the web cloud making it easier for you to manage your presentation repository and share them anytime. Why let your fatty presentations block space on your hard disk when you can keep them online on authorSTREAM.

Do a lot more with your presentations at authorSTREAM:

  • Get a URL for your presentation to share via email easily
  • Share the presentations publicly via Facebook, or embed on blogs or website
  • Convert your presentations to videos and share on YouTube
  • Send your presentations privately to the selected contacts (whether they are authorSTREAM members or not) and keep a control over who views them
  • Track who viewed your presentations and the latest buzz around them on Twitter or Facebook with advanced Presentation Analytics feature

Make sharing your presentations fun, easy and secure with authorSTREAM. Upload your content without worrying about the file size. 

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Share presentations on the web, with all your hard-worked animations, narrations and in-slide videos retained. Do more with Presentations!


  1. Nice! I never knew any sites that allow sharing of Powerpoint presentations. I hope they expanded the file size can be uploaded. Thanks!

    Donna from rideaux cuisine 

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