Microsoft PowerPoint 2010: Explore the features and unleash its potential

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 has brought to us a lot of versatile features so that we can express ourselves in the most impressive way. This software was introduced way back in 2009 but till today not many people are aware of its potential. You can manage your content with 2010 version like never before. Collaboration with co-workers have become a matter of click. You can even bring your content to the web and share with the remote audience. Embedded videos, audio, and inserted animations enrich your content.

Here’s a quick guide to advanced features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 that you can use to your advantage:

Create, organize, and collaborate with other people:
Collaborate with your colleagues easily, edit content with them and meet deadlines quickly. Have quick access to common tasks like setting view/edit permissions or printing presentations. Organize the slides into manageable and different sections for quick navigation from one slide to another.

Enrich your presentations with videos, impressive pictures, sound and animations:
Enrich your presentations by embedding a  video or inserting melodious music. Use transitions and animations that are smoother to access and implement and richer in effect.

Add voice narration to your slides:
Record and add your own voice to the slides, prepare an online tutorial for educating your listeners or to just brainstorm your ideas accompanied by visuals. Here’s how to add voice narration in PowerPoint 2010.

Explore these and more features here and learn to use the latest version effectively:

What’s new in PowerPoint 2010?

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