Norman leaves a mark with his webinar on creating and delivering GREAT presentation!

We are excited and humbled by the response of another successful webinar on authorSTREAM with Norman Wei.

Author of well-acclaimed books on presentations, ‘Presentations that Work’ and ‘Connecting with your Future Clients’, and veteran trainer of nearly 30 years, Norman Wei taught the audience the secrets to create and deliver effective presentations.

The audience from all over the world gave an overwhelming response. They simply loved his webinar, found it informative and very valuable. The attendees had an interactive session with him and shared their ideas on delivering good presentations like what kind of visuals to use if idea is too abstract, good sources for good visuals, how to handle calculations and formulae, etc. These and many more questions poured in for Norman Wei after the webinar. Here’s a link to Norman’s response to some of the questions from audience.

Some key highlights of the webinar:

  • Never use slides jam-packed with words and numbers
  • Tell a story through slideshow
  • Set the plot of your story in first 5 slides
  • Relate to your audience
  • Show your passion in what you talk

Did you miss the webinar? Don’t worry, here’s a link to Norman’s webinar (log in to find the recording).

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