Want to create a ROCKSTAR presentation? Learn quick tricks from Yancey

A ROCKSTAR presentation should have a great design complemented with high-quality visuals, and should be narrated like a story. Yancey, the Founder and President at Empowered Presentations, in a FREE one-hour webinar on authorSTREAM teaches you tips and tricks to create a great presentation that can go viral.

As the founder of Empowered Presentations, an award-winning presentation design firm with clients across the world, Yancey has been training professionals to create and deliver great presentations.

In this webinar through real life stories and samples, she will teach you strategies that Empowered Presentations implement while creating presentations and how you can also do. You’ll learn to create impressive presentations that can go viral.

Yancey and her company has received accolades for their work from various news daily’s across the United States. Pacific Business News recognized them as Innovative Company of the Year finalist, Hawaii Business Magazine nominated them for Best in Business and Innovative Business and they were finalists in Best New Business in Pacific Edge Magazine.

The much awaited webinar will be on:

Day: Thursday, May 17, 2012
Time: 9:00 PM HST  (Hawaii Time) 
          (18th May, 12:30 PM  IST or 12:00 AM PDT)
Duration: 1 hour

Get an in-depth insight into:

  • Visuals to enhance the presenter’s message and his performance
  • Apply innovative design techniques to create empowering slides
  • Create slides with meaningful visuals without using cluttered templates
  • Learn how simply expressed ideas can increase a viewer’s understanding
  • Structure an audience-friendly presentation

Reserve your seat now!

P.S. Visit www.authorstream.com/webinars/ for upcoming sessions.

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  1. I missed the Rockstar presentation(just joined authorstream).Seen the ROI today.Oh and thank Yancy for me about the 10000 hours to become a professional.I just started the Windows 2007 Powerpoint presentations course.Still have 136 lessons to learn,please tell me it is not 10000 after my first presentation.Hmmmm,me and my bright idea,s

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