Convert your PowerPoint presentations into HD video

After bringing to you major PowerPoint to video engine enhancements, today we are excited to announce the launch of HD video conversion for your PowerPoint presentation. Now convert PowerPoint presentations to high quality video- HD video.

What is HD Quality Video?
HD video means high-definition video which brings you a better picture and sound quality as compared to standard video. In HD quality, you get more lines of resolution as compared to standard video. The more lines of resolution you have, the sharper your video looks.

High-definition starts at 720p (720 progressive lines of resolution) whereas standard-definition starts at 240p. A video created in 720p clearly is more crisp and sharp as compared to the one in 240p.

Now, you don’t have to be a tech savvy to create high quality videos out of your presentations. With just a few clicks, create a professional HD video presentation complete with text, animations, and music.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the difference yourself to believe it:

Here’s non-HD video presentation

(Since YouTube encodes the video again and lowers the quality, to view original presentation video, change the quality to HD )

And, this is your HD video presentation  

(Since YouTube encodes the video again and lowers the quality, to view original presentation video, change the quality to HD )

How can you convert PowerPoint presentation into HD video?
It’s easy. You just need just 50 authorSTREAM credits (worth $5) to convert a presentation to HD video. If you know how you can convert ppt to video using authorSTREAM, just select MP4 HD Quality option at the time of selecting video formats for the conversion. In case, you are not aware, just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to My Stuff, click My Presentations and then look for the presentation which you want to convert to HD video
  • Select Video drop-down, click Convert to video option
  • Convert presentation to video window appears onscreen
  • Select MP4 HD Quality from the drop-down Select video format, then click Next
  • As a next step, you need to enter a fixed time (in seconds) to spend on each slide for HD video conversion if some or all of your slides are not set to advance on click

  • Click Convert Now button to convert your presentation to HD video

Once your presentation is converted to HD video, you’ll receive an email notification. 

The feature allows you to quickly create HD videos out of PowerPoint presentations, while leaving the “heavy lifting” of bringing good quality to your videos to us. Take a look at pictures below to see the difference:

Non HD


Remember, to convert your presentation to HD video on authorSTREAM, you need to have 50 authorSTREAM credits worth $5.  


To know more about authorSTREAM’s PowerPoint to Video converter, features and pricing, check out all the details here.


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  1. Hi Ratnesh,

    Unfortunaltely a free trial for PPT to HD Video conversion is not available.
    You can however convert one PPT to MP4 conversion of 5 minutes from your free authorSTREAM account.

  2. @ Sudhir Yadav… Thanks a lot for your feedback! Did you try out this new feature? We’d love to have your feedback 🙂

    – Akash
    authorSTREAM Team

  3. Is this as slideshow only? How about if you have animations on every slide?

  4. I like this so much. I’m a designer of PowerPoint presentations, I believe that it’s a very useful tool to do more complete and interesting each of my works.

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