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Today, we are excited to announce Instant Analytics feature for your private presentations.

If you have a lot of private presentations to share, and continuously have to check if the content is well-received by the people with whom you shared your presentation, Instant Analytics is a feature that can make your life easier.

When you enable Instant Analytics feature, you receive a notification as soon as your presentation is viewed. The email instantly informs you about who has just viewed your presentation, the average time spent, and till which slide the presentation was viewed.

The email also gives a summary of all time views, downloads, favorites, comments, etc., from where you can analyze where your content is going and who’s interested in it.  

For a detailed analysis and graphical representation of your visitors, you can always visit the Presentation Analytics page of your private presentations.

In an Instant Analytics email, you get:

  • Number of unique views and information of visitors (name of each visitor with the link to the profile).
  • Total time spent on each presentation.
  • Exit slide of your presentation. This way you’ll know by improving which particular slide you can hold your viewer’s attention.
  • All-time statistics of the presentation right in your email like total number of views, downloads, comments, favorites, tweets, Facebook Likes and favorites.

How to enable Instant Analytics feature?

It’s easy. You just need to upgrade to premium membership and follow these simple steps:

  • Upload your PowerPoint presentation as private
  • Once uploaded, select the presentation from My Presentations link under My Stuff tab
  • Click on Edit link in the presentation block

  • Go to Analytics option under Privacy, check Notify me via email whenever this presentation is viewed check-box

And, save the changes. Alternatively, you can click on any private presentation which you want to share. Click Share link on the right side of the presentation player. Share Presentation window appears onscreen from where you can check Notify me via email whenever this presentation is viewed checkbox.

Upgrade to premium, get Instant Analytics now, keep yourself updated when someone views your private content to quickly measure its effectiveness.    

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