Make your PowerPoint presentation interactive with hyperlinks

Hyperlink in Microsoft PowerPoint is a connection of one slide to another in the same presentation or to a slide in different presentation, a website, document (like Word, PDF, Excel sheet, etc.), or an email-address. This feature makes a viewer’s navigation easy with access to valuable and more detailed information than just on the slides.

Here are different ways of using hyperlinks in your presentation. Insert a hyperlink to:
  • A slide in a different presentation– Link an object in current presentation to a slide in a different presentation.
  • A page or file on the Web– Add more value to your content by linking text or objects to a webpage. Direct a viewer to any webpage you want right from within the presentation.
  • A slide in the same presentation– You can link text, images or shapes within the presentation for easier navigation and to make content self-explanatory. For instance, you can link a text on one slide to the image on another slide in the same presentation, citing the image as an example to the text.
  • An e-mail address– Make your contact email address easily accessible for a viewer.
  • A new file on your system– Even share a piece of information (like a document such as Excel sheet, PDF file or Word file) saved on your system with Hyperlink feature right from within the presentation.

What’s more? You can add a screen tip to any hyperlink on a slide. This means when a presentation is opened in a slideshow mode and a viewer hovers mouse pointer over the hyperlinked text, a very short summary appears onscreen that gives information of the linked webpage, document, or another presentation. This short summary is called screen tip.

Let’s walk through easy steps to insert hyperlinks in PowerPoint:

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