Check out who’s attending your Present Live session and get a rich insight with complete stats

All these years Present Live
 has earned widespread praise for being an easy-to-use tool to start a quick online presentation meeting. 

The authorSTREAM users have loved broadcasting their presentations live, online to a remote audience, whether for teaching, presenting business plans, or conducting webinars. They’ve loved it not just for the functionality but also for simplicity – share a URL via IM, Facebook, email or Twitter with the contacts. No download required, no limit to meeting size, and no clunky screen takeover.

This time we are adding some insight to give you more information about your attendees. Here’s a snap shot:   

  • Attendee List: Find out exactly who is attending your online session. Make the most out of it whether you are a free or a premium member.

    • Present Live Statistics: Now along with rich insight into presentations like views, downloads, favourites, Facebook likes of each uploaded presentation, find out the exact number of attendees in your Present Live session too, their whereabouts and the total time spent by each one of them. You’ll also know on which slide the attendee dropped. Present Live Statistics is a part of presentation analytics and available to  Premium members.

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