How to sell your brand online with Microsoft PowerPoint presentations?

Promoting your brand or company online is not a cakewalk. You need to zero in on the right online tools and techniques to figure out what’s best and effective for promoting your business.

Hey wait! Did you consider PowerPoint presentations to promote your brand? Take advantage of a slideshow being a 100% visual medium to promote your brand. A presentation is like a story, a movie, TV commercial or TV show. It can work wonders when trying to showcase a product, company or just promoting a brand.

A mind-gripping story with impressive visuals can make a huge impact, build trust and motivate your audience to not just buy your product but also spread a word about your brand or business.

The cost is much less than what you’d spend shooting a commercial and impact is same.

Create presentations on a number of topics directly related to your product or on vertical businesses or industries (means businesses selling products similar to your product). Start by creating a few presentations on your product which will talk about your audience’s problems and introduce your product as a solution to these problems. Its a good idea to create presentations comparing your products with your competitors. This way you can position your product better than other industries competing with you.

What’s more? Once you’ve created a number of presentations introducing your product, bringing out its value for the audience, you can also spread knowledge about your company’s profile, its current market share, and growth. 

Share and spread the buzz of your brand on the world of Web via authorSTREAM:
Don’t just think of sharing presentations via email. Think beyond that. Think authorSTREAM!
authorSTREAM is a robust online PowerPoint presentation sharing platform where you upload your presentation, share them across the globe on websites, blogs, or other social networking sites. Share them privately by simply sending a presentation URL via email to your selected contacts. authorSTREAM will keep animations, sound, narrations, and video effects intact.

  • Upload and share your presentations, publicly or privately: Upload your presentations from desktop or even from the Web. Share them publicly via Twitter, Facebook, email, websites, or blogs.
  • Convert your presentations to HD or non HD-video: Don’t waste money on making expensive TV commercials. Just convert your multimedia presentations to HD video format for higher quality (only MP4 HD video format) or non-HD video formats like WMV, AVI, FLV or MP4. And, share them with anyone across the globe via YouTube, iPod, even play them on TV, or burn on CD or DVD. The new HD quality video gives you a better picture and enhanced sound quality. It helps you to lavishly present your brand to the customers.  
  • Embed presentations and brand with own logo: Embed the presentations in blogs or websites of your choice to showcase your brand in a big way to the world. Even embed them with your own logo to give a customized look and feel. Tell your business story with an impact by choosing from various pre-designed themes and border colors that best matches your webpages.
  • Create a repository of presentations to showcase your products and services: Create and brand your own channel of PowerPoint presentations on authorSTREAM. It is a customized stockroom of presentations based on subject of your interest. You get to showcase your products and tell about your services with these channels. Even brand the channels by placing your own banner, customized themes, and adding advertisements. This lets you drive qualified traffic to your presentation assets.
  • Give a personal look and feel to your presentation pages: Personalize your presentation pages by adding your own banner, controlling other presentation elements like presentation transcript, comments sections, etc.
  • Create a buzz on social media sites like Facebook: Spread the buzz about your brand on Facebook by posting multimedia presentations on your product or brand. Just upload it on authorSTREAM and post the presentation URL on Facebook Wall. Whoa! Your multimedia presentation starts playing on your Facebook Wall. Even post other authorSTREAM presentations related to your product knowledge or market you cater to.
  • Share important presentations on the GO: Tailor made for small-screen devices, authorSTREAM mobile site lets you share your important presentations via Facebook Like, tweet, Google +1, or email by using your smartphone. No mobile apps required, just type and you are good to go.

This way, you’ll get traffic on your presentation pages and that may visit your company website or blogs. But wait…are you wondering how to track the traffic on your presentations? authorSTREAM’s Presentation Analytics gives you a rich insight into effectiveness of your content. Track views, downloads, viewer’s geolocation, traffic sources. And, then take time to determine the qualified traffic for a follow-up. All these activities get you more customers, boost loyalty among your existing customers, and spread a word about your business. 

Sneak a peek into a few presentations used by our power users for their business’s brand promotion: 

TribalCafe Twitter 101

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Monsoon / Rains

More PowerPoint presentations from Indezine
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