Microsoft Office 2013’s latest features unplugged!

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Balmer gave a glimpse of the new Office 2013’s latest features in July this year. The popular suite is designed from the ground up to keep pace with fast changing technology, making it the “most ambitious release” of Microsoft so far, as told by Balmer.

The Office Suite 2013, also called Office 365, is completely revamped with a new logo, new landing page for quick access to user-friendly themes and templates. Microsoft 2013 is designed for mobile devices, touch screens, and the cloud. With an intuitive design, the suite will work well with a stylus, touch, mouse or a keyboard on tablets or new Windows devices.

The popular suite will be more social with its cloud service: users will follow people, their work teams, important documents, sites of their interest, and do more. The latest version will also make note-taking, meetings, reading and marking up documents a reality.

The overall user-experience will be more intuitive and multimedia rich. Following are the major enhancements in the much-awaited Microsoft Office 2013:

Microsoft Word 2013
Word 2013 will now have new templates and design tools so that you can give a polished touch to your documents. Also, you’ll find new, advanced, and easy ways to share your work and collaborate with others.

  • With a new read mode, you will be able to zoom in on any object like table, chart, image, or online video for a clearer look. Also, resume reading from where you left- even on a different PC or tablet- as Word will automatically bookmark your last visited-spot.
  • Sharing your work and collaborating with anyone (even those who do not have Word application installed) will be more easy by just sending a link of your Word file, along with viewing or editing permissions. All this will be achievable as your documents will be saved online to SkyDrive or SharePoint by default.
  • It will be easy to add online videos right into a Word document (this feature wasn’t available in the previous versions).
  • For more professional and polished look, you’ll be able to align your charts, pictures, and diagrams with the text to any position. The text will automatically reflow as you move charts or a picture and all the objects will stay where you will release the mouse button.
  • Another new feature is to open a PDF document in Word file, edit the content and then save it either in Word format or PDF file. 

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
PowerPoint 2013 will have new design themes, simpler ways to align text and photos. Also, with improved work collaboration tools you’ll be able to work more easily with others on the same version, at the same time.

  • New widescreen themes and design variants will enable you to choose from various color schemes so that you can apply any look on the slides.
  • New Alignment Guides feature will let you give a professional touch to your slides by aligning shapes, text boxes, and other graphics with the text.
  • Different tools will let you merge two or more shapes into the shape you want.
  • You’ll stay more organized, focused on your content with the improved Presenter View, and engage your audience. This feature lets you easily show any slide to the audience by just switching on to it- whether in or out of sequence, zoom in on any diagram, chart or any other object to direct your audience’s attention to your main point as you speak.
  • Improved collaboration tools will help you to simply send a link of your presentation to anyone and place and track comments of others. PowerPoint Web App Coauthoring will let you work on a presentation with the colleagues at the same time in a browser with the PowerPoint Web App installed or on the desktop.

Microsoft Outlook 2013
Outlook 2013 will help you manage emails easily, find information, and coordinate schedules.

  • You’ll get the latest updates automatically from the most important people in your social network- LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. 
  • New Outlook tools will help you organize yourself better by controlling your email flow, schedule meetings or important appointments.
  • Advanced search will let you quickly find important emails, attachments, appointments, and contacts useful for coordinating your daily schedule.

OneNote 2013
It is a digital notebook where you can create, store, automatically save, and search your notes whenever you want. It even travels while you are on the go or are even accessible on any browser.

  • You’ll now have access to your notes on your favorite devices like Windows Phone, Windows 7 or 8, iOS, and Android.
  • Sharing will be more easy as all your notes will be automatically saved to SkyDrive or SharePoint by default and you just need to send a link to your friends.
  • Embedding of files into your notes will be a reality now.
  • You’ll also have a choice to use either your finger, stylus or mouse to smoothly draw, erase, and edit your own notes.

Microsoft Excel 2013
Excel 2013 will enable you to explore, visualize, and analyze your data. Also, display the results of your data with a single click, easily collaborate and coordinate with others, anytime.

  • New Recommended Pivot Table will enable you to quickly perform complex analysis of the data.
  • With latest analysis tools, you’ll easily discover different ways to represent your data visually, preview chart and graph options to choose the one that works best for you, and control the formatting of your charts.
  • Advanced options of sharing will help you to quickly team up with anyone and work together.

Microsoft Access 2013
Access 2013 is an now an improved and easy-to-use tools for app developers. With fast access to app, as a developer you’ll will be able to improve your users’ productivity from virtually anywhere.

  • It will be easy to build and share custom apps online and will help run business. No need of technical know how.
  • Accessing of apps will now be accessible via a browser.
  • To make navigation of apps easy, you can use a standardized app framework. 

Microsoft Corp. hasn’t disclosed yet the release date of Office 2013.

Grab a sneak peek into the state-of-the-art features of new Microsoft Office 2013:

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