How to add your own background graphics and colors in Microsoft PowerPoint presentation?

A perfect presentation design is like icing on a cake! And, what goes into the making of a good design: attractive background graphics, templates or catchy theme colors on the slides.
A highly visual design looks pleasing to the eye. And, persuades the audience to further delve into the topic of your presentation. Use it as a power tool to spark curiosity in the audience’s mind, with you taking the lead.

Choose design elements within the context of your presentation topic. This is what Garr Reynolds, the presentation expert, says, “as far as design is concerned, it is useful not to think (judge) in terms of ‘right or wrong,’ but rather in terms of what is ‘appropriate or inappropriate’.” So, anything out of context looks “inappropriate.” Needless to say, take care to customize your PowerPoint background graphics and colors on the slides. It integrates the background visuals with the entire content.

Well-designed slides highlight your topic and drive home the key message to your audience.

Advanced options in Microsoft PowerPoint presentation enable you to customize slide background with your own images and colors. Today we’ll look into how to add your own backgrounds graphics and colors in PowerPoint presentation:

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