How to do more with a PowerPoint presentation?

Delivering a PowerPoint presentation is like facing a job interview. You dress your finest, look prim and proper to leave a favorable impression. But does your fine clothes make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd? No. It’s YOU who matters the most,  your presentation style, communication skills, and off course your persuasive power.

And, the same goes when you have to deliver a presentation!

Here’s what you can do to make an awesome presentation delivery:

An interesting story: When you deliver a presentation, unfold it in the form of a story. Weave facts, information, and data into the story to support the key message, your idea or opinion. Just like Steve Jobs’ presentations which included theatrical elements- a great script, heroes and villains, stage props, and breathtaking visuals. And, that’s you too need to demonstrate during a presentation delivery.

Humor: The best presenters always use humor. Laughter or humor “is even more contagious than even a yawn” says Daniel Pink in his best-selling book A Whole New Mind. Here, humor means to engage the audience with your witty conversational style. It helps them to open up their minds to what you’ve got to say. And helps you to create a friendly environment.

Emotions: Strike a chord with the audience by adding emotions during a presentation delivery. Seth Godin, the presentation expert, says, “Our brains have two sides. The right side is emotional, musical and moody. The left side is focused on dexterity, facts and hard data.” Just facts or data do not win the audience.

How well you deliver a presentation depends on your craft – which includes a believable story, good design, crisp images (prefer human image than clip art), placing of the content (one slide – one idea), attractive graphics, templates and color scheme.

Let’s take a look at a great example of how to do more with a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation?

Do More With Powerpoint

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