Add visual effects to your pictures with picture tools in PowerPoint

“One picture is worth a ten thousand words,” said Frederick R. Barnard in advertising journal ‘Printer’s Ink’, on December 8, 1921, while retelling a Chinese proverb.

Pictures add visual effects to slides, give meaning and turn an idea into a persuasive message to capture the minds of the audience.

The main idea of using emphatic pictures on slides is “visualisation” through which a viewer can absorb and understand any kind of information quickly. Another goal is to help the audience retain and recall information or messages even after the presentation delivery is over.

This is only possible with crisp and clear images.

Crisp, clear, and attractive images help you express yourself. And, there are tools that are available to do that. Microsoft PowerPoint itself has one called Picture Tools.

With this tool you can: 

  • Improve the quality of images and enhance “visualization” with features like: Remove Background, Corrections, Artistic Effects, Picture Styles, and Cropping.
  • Adjust brightness and contrast, sharpness and softness of the pictures as desirable.
  • Remove the background or crop the unwanted portions of an image.
  • Apply artistic effects by changing a colored image to black and white or look like a sketch, drawing or painting.
  • Give different styles to the pictures for a visual appeal.

And, the rest depends on how persuasive you are to make the listeners act and do what you want them to do.

Let’s walk through easy steps to use these to use Picture Tools in PowerPoint:

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