authorSTREAM Webinar: Learn the art of using animations to create an interactive presentation

Applying animations is an art- used with a purpose. If animations are used sparingly, then slight movement on the screen is powerful enough to grab attention of the viewers. They focus on the content you want them to see. And, its intelligent use can even help the viewers understand various concepts or different things easily.

And, if you use lots of animations, just for the heck of it, your viewers may feel distracted. They become “background noise” as said by Garr Reynolds in Presentation lessons from Citizen Kane. A viewer may not concentrate on the content and may not even look at it. You end up wasting your own time as well as your audience’s who come only to hear you.

To help you learn this art of applying animations for an impactful presentation delivery, we have in store for you the upcoming one-hour FREE webinar. Our senior executive PowerPoint Trainer, Shivalli Gupta, is here to teach you the skills applying animations and even customize them to suit your needs.

The key takeaways of the webinar are:

  • How, when and why to apply animations effects
  • How to highlight your content by timing the animation effects
  • How to add animation delays and triggers
  • How to apply sound effects to animations
  • How to personalize the animation effect by applying motion path
  • How to bring consistency to the animation effects with ‘Animation Painter’

The much-awaited webinar is scheduled on:
Day: Wednesday, November 28 2012
Time: 5:30 PM (IST)
Duration: 1 hour

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