How to create your own PowerPoint slide design or template?

Do you feel boxed in the pre-designed templates or slide designs? Break-free from these and create your own!

A template or slide design is one of the most important ingredients of a perfect presentation design, other being background graphics or theme colors. An attractive templates glue the audience to the slides at a first glance.

And, when you create a template, you choose your own font style and color scheme. The color and appearance of the slides and fonts should match well with the content like text and pictures focused on a subject. Perfect integration of the design elements and content convey your message instantly and easily. And, everyone likes to watch attractive, well-meaning slides while listening attentively to the presenter.

To this, Garr Reynolds says, “So much depends on how the visual is placed within the context of the presentation, and the content and objectives of that particular presentation are of paramount concern.”

Also, ensure to choose attractive colors and simple font style for the templates. Flashy colors and fonts are distractive in appearance. Good color combinations and simple fonts on the slides always attract, making your message more impactful.

Follow these quick steps to give your own look and feel to the presentation design:

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