Making magical presentations, the Santa Claus way!

We’ve always wondered, what is it so special about Santa that makes him talk of the town as soon as the Christmas bells start to chime?

We decided to sit and ponder – what makes him soul of the season? Why, a mere mention of his name fills our mind with visuals of a bearded, jolly man, dressed in red and white, carrying a bagful of bright and prettily wrapped gifts, humming Christmas carols… See, almost had you there!

Pretty simple, it seems. We have a ‘Santa figure’ fixed in our minds. We know what he brings, when he comes and what he comes for. He has been, unfailingly, sticking to his basics and delivered what he is best known for.

Taking over his teachings for the presentation that we deliver all around the year, this season, Santa has come sharing his presentation mantras with us.

  • Deliver what you promise – Last thing you’d want your audience to say – ‘It was a sheer waste of time!’ Each of your presentation has a purpose, and that’s the promise you have made to your audience. Keep it. Deliver it!
  • Be someone people look forward to – You are there to deliver a purpose, a solution. People want to see you because they think you have something in store for them. Clearly define what it is they are expecting from you and stick to it. If you’ve not, it may be the last time. End of the story!
  • Be entertaining – All work and no play! Tell a joke, narrate a light-hearted incident, play some music, host an activity. Anything that connects people to you and calm nerves for you!
  • Surprise them! – People know what they are there for. Deliver that. But to delight your audience, always have a surprise in store for them. Tell them or deliver something of value that was not anticipated. It may be just a fascinating stat or valuable, expert tip.
  • Stick to your theme and characterA mere mention of ‘Red and White’ reminds of Santa. Stick to your theme. It’s a strong cue for your audience to connect with you, today and for next time ever. Don’t be someone you are not.
  • Requests are importantPeople are different and so are their requirements. Requests from your audience are important. You may have something great to tell. Wow for your audience! But there’s something else they are looking forward to. Pay heed to it, walk an extra mile to deliver it. It may turn out to be your trump card!
  • Gifts come in all shapes and sizesStudy your audience. Tailor your offerings accordingly. Last thing you’d like to do is to deliver a baby pink pullover to one heading towards his annual all directors’ meet!

Santa has been our hero by consistently sticking to these basics since decades! What do you think? Share your learned Santa lessons in the comments below.

Go ahead, be the Santa of your next presentation! 

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

By: Akash
Internet Marketing at authorSTREAM

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