Thank you for a great 2012!

We’ve just wrapped up another year and stepped into a new one. 2012 was a Milestone Year for us, in truest of its sense. We aimed higher, tried new things and set new challenges (met them!). We learned, made mistakes, gathered experience, grew wiser – but to top everything off, it was Fun and Memorable!

All this while, our biggest achievement was having you with us. Your constant love, support, feedback, appreciation, inputs and delight was our biggest strength.

It just wouldn’t have been possible without you!

2013 – As we buck up for yet another eventful year ahead and brace ourselves to get the best of PowerPoint experience on the internet to you, here’s how we faired in the year that passed by. And this, we dedicate to You!

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‘Thank you’ for all your love, patience and support! We wish you a great 2013 ahead!

By: Akash
authorSTREAM Team

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Akash Bathla

Internet Marketing at authorSTREAM. Admirer of creativity. Love hugs, dogs & everything simple. Passionate for kindness. Curious for life!

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