Flexible Visual Presentation Workshop by Robert Lane – Register at almost half the price!

Always wanted to be a stunningly effective visual communicator? Now, you can be with Robert Lane’s Flexible Visual Presentation Workshop.

Thought leader, author, corporate trainer and the founder of Aspire Communications Robert Lane has enlightened many authorSTREAM users through his webinars such as The art of using  animation in meaningful ways and Learn to make visually engaging presentations. He is back with a bang, this time with a workshop that will revolutionize your presentation into a fantastic, breathtaking experience with a technique called Relational Presentation.

Starting from April 2 (Tuesday) at 1:00 PM US Eastern Daylight Time, Robert Lane is rolling out four 2-hour web-based sessions, one per week, spread over four sequential weeks. The normal public cost of the course is $79 and the seating is limited to only 250! Now, here’s the exciting part.

Owing to our long and cherished relationship with Robert, he is giving an opportunity to authorSTREAM users to become a part of this limited-seats-workshop at heavy discounts. You can get yourself registered using promotional code AS0045 and be charged only $ 45! Wait, there’s more. authorSTREAM has invitation-only priority seating for the first 150 registrants. authorSTREAM users, this is an opportunity you cannot let go!

The registration for workshop has already started and the code is available only till March 20. So, hurry up, jump in now and get yourself registered to be a part of this amazing learning experience.

But what is Relational Presentation- Did you wonder in beginning when we said relational presentation as to what it is? Here’s what it is and what is so great about it:
Relational presentation uses hyperlinks, illusion and the latest visual design strategies to make your talks more entertaining, engaging, memorable and responsive to audience interests. It’s like having a visual café conversation with viewers. Watch the relational presentation process HERE.

What will I learn from this workshop? – Learn to easily transform those boring, linear, text-based presentations into next-generation visual content. In this course, you learn

  • Working with shapes
  • Working with pictures
  • Working with hyperlinks
  • Organizing your messages for dynamic display
  • Customizing the look and branding of your template
  • Using your new materials for live onsite and web-based presentations and trainings

With registration, you’ll also receive templates that help you quickly build out a fully working, dynamic presentation platform of your own.


You’ll use this template as the basis for creating a powerfully visual platform that gives immediate access to all your presentation topics. All you need to do is customize it with your branding and colors, skills taught during the course.
You’ll use this template for filling out the platform’s structure. It’s like a blank slide show that already contains navigation, ready for your content.

Guest Speakers share their experiences with Relational Presentation One of the sessions will feature guest appearances from speakers currently using these methods in state and federal government training contexts. They will discuss experiences and lessons learned while building and using their own platforms.

Equipment requirements for the session- Robert Lane recommends that it’s best to attend the course using a PC computer that has PowerPoint 2007 or later installed. And since it is a hands-on working course, he also recommends watching the web broadcast on a second computer and working in PowerPoint on your main computer to avoid switching back and forth.

Excited to be a part of this amazing workshop? So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself registered HERE.

For additional questions about the course, you can contact Robert directly at: rlane@aspirecommunications.com or Skype name: aspireweb
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