Learn 3 keys to creating a presentation your audience loves: Free Webinar by Dr. Michelle Mazur

“My first speech was the stuff of horror movies. As a nerdy, awkward and shy teenager, I was forced to take the dreaded public speaking class. My high school crush was in my class! No pressure right? My knees were knocking, hands sweaty, and I sped read my speech made no eye contact. I sat down before the last word was uttered from my mouth. I got a “C” – it was clearly a pity “C”.”

Putting the past behind her, today Dr. Michelle Mazur is a well-known Speech Coach and Presentation Skills Trainer and has guided driven-to-succeed business professionals and independent business owners to ignite the smoldering fire within to speak up, speak out and make their impact – one compelling presentation at a time.

You too can now ignite your presentations through Dr. Michelle’s FREE webinar on 3 Keys to Creating a Presentation Your Audience Loves on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 9.00 AM PST.

In this session you will discover the 3 key ingredients to creating a presentation your audience loves:

  1. How to infuse your presentation with passion Learn a simple trick that will ensure that your audience does not sleep through your presentation but listen with rapt attention to every word you say.
  2. How to fix the biggest myth that holds you back from connecting during your presentation – It’s time you debunk the age-old myths that presenters, including you, have been following all their life to give better presentations. Now discover how wrong you were.
  3. Learn the most important word in any presentation and how to craft a Big Idea statement that your audience will remember and repeat – Craft presentation content that wows the audience and sticks in their head.
Here’s more about Dr. Michelle Mazur: With her fiery red hair and a quirky and unconventional presentation style that has delighted and inspired audiences from 10 – 10,000, Dr. Michelle believes that everyone can make a big impact by showing up at their authentic, audacious best. Michelle has helped her clients, who were once nervous about speaking up at a conference, in a boardroom, or on an influential stage learn how to overcome their presentation jitters and step forward with greater ease, clarity and calm to connect with audience.

Now discover the secrets that go into making awesome presentations that your audience will love and remember, that too FREE of cost!

The webinar is scheduled on:

Day- Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Time- 9.00 AM Pacific Time (10.00 AM CST; 4.00 PM GMT, 9.30 PM IST)
Duration: 1 hour

Webinar URL: www.authorstream.com/webinars

See you at the webinar!
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