Women, We Salute You! Happy International Women’s Day!

On this International Women’s Day, authorSTREAM wishes all women a very Happy International Women’s Day! All of us agree that women have special places in our hearts all 365 days of the year, 24*7. But we never care to thank them everyday maybe because they never complain. After all, it is one of the most wonderful strengths of a woman- To Love Unconditionally! Let us take this day, this moment, this opportunity to thank them from the depths of our hearts. And what better way of saying thank you than with a PowerPoint presentation of course! As a small token of gratitude, we have prepared a presentation on 50 great women who changed the world and showed us that no obstacle is big enough to reach our fullest potential.

Win exciting prizes all of March

And why just a day? authorSTREAM dedicates the complete month of March to International Women’s Day and invites everyone to share their PowerPoint presentations. You are all welcome to make as many presentations as you want on this theme and go home with exciting prizes! 

Topics or themes for your presentation: Here are some ideas to get started: 
  • Women: Yesterday, today and tomorrow 
  • Women the world looks up to or you admire secretly! 
  • Their contribution to society, family, politics, economics and of course glamour 
  • Or your choice! 

Awesome presentations get awesome rewards: Out of all the presentations uploaded on authorSTREAM, we will choose Presentation of the Week. Each “Winner of the Week” will be awarded our Pro membership free of cost! Isn’t that great? 

Who can participate? Anyone and everyone with an account on authorSTREAM can participate by uploading a PPT. Not a member yet? Don’t worry! Sign up today and start authorSTREAMing! 

Criteria for choosing the winning presentations: The best PPT would be chosen by our content review team based on the originality of the content, relevance to the topic chosen, its treatment and use of PowerPoint. Try not falling into the lure of plagiarism. To help us find your presentation easily, we request you to tag your presentation with the tag “SaluteWomen” while uploading your presentation on authorSTREAM. You can also tweet us your entry on Twitter using the hashtag #SaluteWomen

So, put on your thinking caps and express your love for women through your presentations. Spread the word, tell your friends about this exciting opportunity to win our Pro membership free!

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