Dr. Michelle Mazur wows the audience with her webinar

No one had expected that Dr. Michelle Mazur in her webinar on 3 Keys to Creating a Presentation Your Audience Loves on April 3 would advise us and teach us to become a PIG! You read it absolutely right- a PIG!

Yes, it would evoke sheer astonishment on the faces of those who could not attend Michelle’s webinar and a big, naughty smile on the faces of all those who attended it.

You may have never received an advice to be like a PIG but Dr. Mazur told us through her webinar how important it was to be a P.I.G. while delivering a presentation in front of an audience and how by becoming so we can wow the audience.

Yes, obviously P.I.G. is an acronym and those who have missed the webinar can know what it actually stands for by watching Dr. Mazur’s presentation on the session or watch live recording of the webinar.

Through this webinar, Speech Coach and Presentation Skills Trainer Dr. Michelle Mazur revealed the 3 key ingredients to creating a presentation your audience loves:

  • How to infuse your presentation with passion
  • How to fix the biggest myth that holds you back from connecting during your presentation
  • Learn the most important word in any presentation and how to craft a Big Idea statement that your audience will remember and repeat

Apart from those valuable tips, Michelle also gave a Bonus Tip to those attending the webinar. We wouldn’t tell you here. Watch for yourself the presentation that Dr. Mazur made as a visual summary of her webinar:

And yes, how can we forget to thank all of you for the amazing response you gave to Dr. Mazur’s webinar. We had participants pouring in from all corners of the world- Singapore, Ireland, Canada, United States of America, South Africa, India, Ukraine, Germany, Australia, Israel, China and many more.

All truly loved the webinar and found it very enriching. The Q & A session helped many in the audience clear their doubts. They also got a pleasant surprise when Michelle gave them the link to download her latest e-book on Captivating Communication: How to Create a Speech Any Audience Will Love absolutely FREE of cost! You haven’t got it yet? Get it today!

And have no regrets if you missed this awesome webinar. Watch the recording now!
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