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You do know that people follow you on authorSTREAM because they are impressed by your content and want to be updated whenever you upload a presentation again, right? So, wouldn’t it be so unfair with them if they miss this update because it gets buried in the activity feed of so many others? It surely would be.

But that won’t happen anymore. We now allow you to share yours as well as public presentations of others with all your followers at once with just one click of a button. That’s right.

This is how simple it is to share a public presentation with your followers:

  • Choose the presentation you want to share with your followers
  • Click Share drop down list and click Email. Alternatively, if the presentation is open on your screen, simply click on the Share link
  • Select Share presentation with all your followers check box
  • Click on the Share button

And that’s it. The presentation will be shared with all those following you on authorSTREAM. Easy, right?

You can further type in a message and that will be sent along with the presentation to all your followers. To ensure that they don’t miss the update this time, we send them a notification. They see it as a notification on their dashboard, in their activity feed and also receive an email. Here’s how the notification will look on their dashboard:

So, don’t forget to use this super cool feature that not only keeps your followers happy and interested in your content but also ensures that they your presentation is watched especially by people who value you and your content.

Plus, don’t forget to share a presentation that tickles your ribs or stimulates your grey cells, with your followers.

Have more questions? Please visit our Help pages or contact us.

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