This Earth Day, let us be the Face of Climate Change

A huge storm is gathering on the horizons of our city, our country and our planet, both in literal and metaphorical terms. Call it climate change or global warming; it truly is assuming gigantic proportions. It is the reality of today, a bitter reality, not just a phony outcry by environmentalists.

To take the bull by its horns, the theme of this year’s Earth Day has been chosen as The Face of Climate Change. But why this theme in particular? Here’s what Earth Day Network says on its website:

Climate change has many faces.

A man in the Maldives worried about relocating his family as sea levels rise, a farmer in Kansas struggling to make ends meet as prolonged drought ravages the crops, a fisherman on the Niger River whose nets often come up empty, a child in New Jersey who lost her home to a super-storm, a woman in Bangladesh who can’t get fresh water due to more frequent flooding and cyclones…

And they’re not only human faces.

They’re the polar bear in the melting arctic, the tiger in India’s threatened mangrove forests, the right whale in plankton-poor parts of the warming North Atlantic, the orangutan in Indonesian forests segmented by more frequent bushfires and droughts…

These faces of climate change are multiplying every day.

Luckily, other faces of climate change are also multiplying every day.

Every person who does his or her part to fix the problem is also a Face of Climate Change: the entrepreneurs who see opportunity in creating the new green economy, the activists who organize community action and awareness campaigns, the engineers who design the clean technology of the future, the public servants who fight for climate change laws and for mitigation efforts, the ordinary people who commit to living sustainably…

Are you the face that is being touched by climate change? Yes, you are. But are you the face that is doing something to conserve environment? If not, you can be.

Watch this presentation on the faces of climate change, learn how we can reverse this and be the FACE of climate change.

Earth Day- Are you the Face of Climate Change

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