Calculate your presentation’s Return on Investment (ROI)- Webinar by Yancey of Empowered Presentations

Imagine spending six days, five nights and long hours making a presentation on a creative brief for your clients. The D-Day arrives, you present one after another slide full of text, bullet points and complicated charts and the audience are thinking in their mind:

  • Please let it be OVER…
  • That color matches my tie…
  • I can’t see what’s written on these slides…
  • My eyes are burning…
  • Zzzzzz…

No guesses needed. Clients are not impressed and reject the creative brief. In business terms, there is absolutely no Return on Investment (ROI).

Award winning founders of Empowered Presentations Cory Jim and Yancey Unequivocally are coming to help you break from this futile presenting pattern through their one-hour free webinar on Presentation ROI. Is it worth the investment? on May 29, 2013 at 11 AM PDT (Pacific time).

Yes, after their rocking webinar on “How to be a Presentation Rockstar” on authorSTREAM last year, Yancey and Cory are back again to deliver another rocking webinar. Yancey will share with you case studies and samples of Empowered Presentations’ work and the strategies they implemented for greatest presentation ROI.

Key takeaways from this one-hour free webinar: 

  • How to calculate the potential return on investment (ROI) of your presentation;
  • Which are the 4 crucial factors that contribute to ROI of your presentation;
  • Which information should be included or excluded from your slides for the greatest ROI;
  • How to get information across to any audience that gives a boost to your business;
  • How to turn your presentations into profit.

Empowered Presentations is an award-winning presentation design firm based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. Servicing clients from around the world, including entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, teachers, and small to medium businesses, they have grabbed several awards along the way too. 

Empower your presentations too absolutely free by attending the webinar on:

Day – Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Time – 11.00 AM PDT ( 8.00 AM HST, 1.00 PM CDT, 11.30 PM IST)
Duration: 1 hour
Webinar URL:

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See you at the webinar!

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