‘Don’t know how, I want it now’. Customer Service is now Social and Instant

  • 23.1 million people discover new brands or products through social media
  • 17.8 million people are strongly influenced in their purchase decisions by opinions in social media
  • 15.1 million people refer to social media before making purchase decisions
  • 59 per cent consumers would switch brands for better service
  • 50 per cent consumers give a business only a week to respond to an issue before dropping them

Social media is changing how we connect to the world around us. Given the pace and pattern by which people are embracing social media, business houses have no option but to go social to connect with their customers.

Gone are the days when customers wrote lengthy letters and long e-mails to support desks. In an era where the entire buying experience is going online, customers want their after-sales experience to be short, quick and instant. They have taken the route of social media to get their queries resolved. ‘Don’t know how, I want it now’ is the modern day social customer’s 24/7 demand. And from business’ perspective, it has become important for them to connect with customers and resolve their issues as fast as possible. Social media goodwill can be a company’s trump card in the cut-throat competition.

The presentation “The Social Help Desk Revolution” by our customer support team member Shivalli underscores this very point. Impressed by the infographics made on the subject by Salesforce Desk, she decided to share it as a PowerPoint presentation with our users.

The Social Help Desk Revolution

More PowerPoint presentations from shivali gupta

Businesses have always thrived by being where their customers have been. In the current setup, Social Media has certainly become the place to be!

Do you think social help desk will turn out to be a game-changer for businesses?


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