Presenting the all new Dynamic Embed: Combines the best of Flash & iPad embed

Michael wants to embed his latest multimedia presentation on his blog. He chooses the Flash embed code, pastes it on his blog and there it is- Presentation plays perfectly. Then one morning, he gets a call from his student saying he’s unable to view the same presentation on his iPad. 

Michael learns that Flash embed code that he used to embed his presentation is incompatible with non-flash devices. He looks for a solution and finds out that authorSTREAM provides iPad embed code too, which is compatible with all devices. Michael embeds his presentation using iPad embed. His presentations now play on all devices and platforms. 

But Michael is still unhappy. 

The presentations play well but the ones that carry special effects like animations, rehearsed timings, sound, and other media effects, play as static slides. 

What should Michael do now – choose iPad embed or Flash embed?

To help Michael, and million others like him, find a solution to this dilemma, authorSTREAM has introduced Dynamic Embed – that combines the best of Flash and iPad embed.

What is Dynamic embed? 
Dynamic embed is an intelligent embed that detects the device from which a presentation is being viewed and automatically displays the embed most compatible with that device. This is how the dynamic embed works:

  • On flash devices: Plays your multimedia presentation as you made it; retaining animations, rehearsed timings, sound, and videos, on PC, Mac, Linux computer, and other flash browsers. 
  • On non-flash devices: Plays your multimedia presentation ‘On-Click’ without animations, rehearsed timings, sound, or videos on iPad, iPhone and other non-flash browsers. 

Dynamic embed thus combines the best of iPad embed (plays on all devices) as well as Flash embed (supports multimedia effects on flash devices). Didn’t we tell you we were coming up with such an intelligent embed when we introduced iPad embed! Well, here it is! 

Can’t find the dynamic embed in your presentation block/player? 
Click on the Embed tab and choose Dynamic Embed from the drop-down list. You can even customize the dynamic embed to give a personal touch to the way presentation shows on your blog or webpage. Click on the Customize Embed link and further click on the Dynamic Embed tab to adjust the color theme, border color, embed size, border size etc.

Now, customize iPad embed too Many of our users, who are comfortable with just visuals and words in their presentation sans any animations or other effects, love using our iPad embed. We have a good news for them too. They can now customize their iPad embed and choose from various color themes, border colors, border sizes, embed sizes and so on. 

Try out Dynamic embed-  We recommend all those who have a multimedia presentation to use Dynamic embed as it will not only support animations and other multimedia effects on a flash device but will ensure that your presentation plays across all platforms and browsers. 

So, upload that presentation of yours on authorSTREAM, grab the new dynamic embed code and paste it on your blog or webpage for everyone to see.

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