This Memorial Day, let’s honor brave soldiers who kept the faith and fought the fight

A mother receives a telegram of the death of her three sons in war on the same day. Her fourth son, also out on the front, is learnt to be alive. To save an entire family from being wiped out, the sole-surviving son is rescued from behind the enemy lines and brought home to his mother.

American history has many unsung heroes. The mother who united with her only-surviving son perhaps was luckier than many American mothers who sacrificed their entire family for the sake of their country. Had the government not ordered the return of Sergeant Frederick “Fritz” Niland to his mother, he too would have happily laid down his life for his country like his brothers did. 

Who would have known such inspirational stories had it not been portrayed through a film. Yes. Sergeant Frederick “Fritz” Niland is the inspiration behind the movie Saving Private Ryan, which hit the screens in 1998 and went on to win Oscars for the realistic depiction of the horrors of war and sacrifices of soldiers. Directed by legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg, it has become one of the greatest war films ever made till date.

Wars and the sacrifices of soldiers have been memorialized through films. It is through this medium that unsung stories of bravery and sacrifices are brought to life and inspires generations to come.

Watch this presentation on reel honoring the real heroes and take out time to watch some of the movies to acknowledge and experience the ordeals that soldiers went through.

Memorial Day- Reel honors real heroes

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If you’ve seen a war movie that touched your heart and deserves to be watched on this day, let everyone know by adding the name of the movie in the comments list. Happy Memorial Day!

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