This Mother’s Day, let’s honor Super Cartoon Moms

Such was her impact on popular culture that her name figured in the Time magazine’s ‘Top 10 Moms’ list in 2008. She is a homemaker, a stereotypical mother who takes care of her family. Soft, loving and caring, she is also the firm head of the family who maintains sanity in a home beset with buffoonery. But for her, the family will fall apart in seconds.

She is Marge Simpson, matriarch of the Simpsons family, the longest running animated series ever produced for TV. She is the most famous cartoon mom in history and one of the most loved ones too.

Marge is one of the many ’toon moms that we have grown up seeing up on our television screens.

Through a presentation on famous super cartoon moms, we would like to pay tribute to all mothers, who have to raise ‘cartoons’ like us all day, all life long.

Cartoon Super Moms

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We would love to hear from you who your favorite cartoon mom is. Wishing a very Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

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