Top 3 questions asked by authorSTREAM users

We keep improving to make our authorSTREAM website as user-friendly as possible. There can be many intervening factors however that make users seek help. Here we bring you the 3 most frequently asked questions last month from our support desk.

Here’s a quick reference in case you too need assistance relating to these questions:

1. How do I share my presentation on YouTube?

To share your presentation on YouTube, you will first have to convert your uploaded presentation to a video.

Many a times, when users upload and play their presentation on authorSTREAM, they mistakenly believe that we have automatically converted presentation into a video. This happens since we support all multimedia effects like rehearsed timings, sound and animations in a presentation making it hard for a viewer to differentiate between a presentation and a video. However, the presentation is not a video and you will have to convert it to a video for sharing it on YouTube.

You can do so by clicking Video drop-down menu in the presentation block and selecting Convert to Video link.

Alternatively, if your presentation is open, click Convert to Video link from there.

2. Why is the audio in my presentation not playing on authorSTREAM?

That can happen when your presentation has a linked audio file (linked to a local path on your computer). When you upload a presentation with such an audio file, our servers will not pick the linked audio path.

We recommend you to either embed the audio in your presentation or use our free plug-in authorSTREAM Desktop to insert linked audio files in your presentation. All you have to do is install authorSTREAM Desktop, insert audio and upload the file from within the PowerPoint using “Upload to authorSTREAM” button under authorSTREAM tab.

The audio will ship with PowerPoint and will play fine in authorSTREAM output.
authorSTREAM supports embedded and linked audio in the following three formats- WAV, MP3 and WMA. An embedded sound file is stored within your presentation and is shipped along with the presentation when you upload it on authorSTREAM. It will thus play perfectly on our site. Using authorSTREAM Desktop, even linked files in the following three formats- WAV, MP3 and WMA- will play perfectly on our site. 

3. How can I download presentations from authorSTREAM?

authorSTREAM is a free PowerPoint sharing platform. We do not sell or buy presentations here.

You can download the presentations you like for free after signing in to authorSTREAM, provided the uploader has given you the permission to do so. If the permission has been given, the Download button on top of the presentation player will appear dark green in color. You can click on the button and download the presentation.

If the Download button is light green in color, then you won’t be able to download the file as the presenter has not given you the permission to do so.

However, you can contact the presenter by sending a private message for the same from his profile page.

You can even post a request in the comments section under the presentation player. The presenter will either share the presentation file with you or enable the download option. It is advisable to provide full attribution to the owner of presentation while using downloaded presentations.

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