10 ways to help you accompany FEARLESS attitude on every sales call!

Are you a salesperson? Struggling with a number of issues? Afraid of losing a deal, of failing, of disappointing your boss and yourself?

Take a deep breath, sit back and watch insightful presentation, “Overcome your fear of selling” by Abhishek Shah, CEO of Appitive.com, a modern business portal that brings updates from the world of business, social media, technology, entertainment and more. Abhishek has 13+ years of experience in selling, managing, building and leading sales organizations regionally and internationally.

In this beautifully crafted presentation, Abhishek lists down 10 creative ways which can help sales professionals easily overcome any challenge and achieve better sales.

Through a self-assessment exercise, he helps professionals rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 10 in 13 areas of professional selling and arrive at a composite self-assessment score. He then addresses the key concerns of salespeople and offers valuable tips and suggestions to solve those.

Watch the presentation to: 

  • Arrive at a realistic understanding of your problems
  • Eliminate your weak links
  • Improve your sales calls
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Challenge unproductive negative thoughts
  • Learn habits of successful sales professionals
  • Sharpen your selling skills
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Rightly so, as Abhishek quotes in this presentation, “Don’t take things too seriously. Have fun. Enjoy the ride.”

Useful stuff, eh! Why not share it and help others overcome their fear of selling too.

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