An ode to a Father from a loving son…

The true spirit of Olympics was witnessed in 1992 Olympics of Barcelona. It was 400 meters sprint semi-final. All athletics took their mark. Starting pistol was fired in the air and all sprinted forward towards the finish line. Derek Redmond, British record holder for the 400 meter sprint, snapped his hamstring in the middle of the race track. 

Olympic dreams crashed to the ground, he got up and limped towards the finish line. His loving father watching the turn of events from the stands rushed towards the racetrack, pushed past the stewards and joined his son in completing the race. Millions of viewers all over the world witness this father-and-son emotional moment. At the end of the race, Derek’s father said, “But whatever happens he had to finish and I was there to help him finish. I intended to go over the line with him. We started his career together; I think we should finish together.”

Derek’s father Jim Redmond stood by his son like every father would.They inspire us to push boundaries and when we fail, they jump in to save the day. 

This Father’s Day, make your dad feel special. Maybe he doesn’t want your expensive gift but wants to spend quality time with you. Take out time to thank your dad in your special way. Before that, take out time to watch this presentation on an ode to a father dedicated to him by a loving son:

My dad is my Hero

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Wishing all the fathers out there a very Happy Father’s Day!

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