Are online presentation sharing platforms changing the way you create presentations?

Is it true that people have started creating presentations the way they appear on online presentation sharing platforms, and not the way they want it to be? Have people forgotten how to create multimedia presentations because many online platforms do not support multimedia elements?

Consider this-

  • Instead of multiple words smoothly appearing one after the other like a song (thanks to animations), people now prefer to use one word on each slide to create the effect they intend. Why? Simply because some platforms do not support animations.
  • Instead of having music or audio narration to set the perfect mood, presentations are now mute, for the same reason.
  • Instead of having a self-propelled presentation that a viewer can sit back and watch, many have even forgotten that Microsoft PowerPoint allows a presentation to be rehearsed.

We feel that people have stopped using Microsoft PowerPoint to its full advantage. After all, the beauty of the medium, one as fine as PowerPoint, lies in creating a power-packed slideshow that has all the fun elements- images, text, sound, animation, timings- offering a sensual delight for viewers. Without synchronized text, moving images or audio, any presentation is as good as text and images pasted on Microsoft Word. Then why choose PowerPoint in the first place?

We want to know what you have to say about this.

Introspect and speak up. Remember- It’s YOUR presentation!

Image courtesy: Victor (CC attribution)

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  1. Yes, they are changing the way. The time has gone when Microsoft power point was considered to be the only medium of digital presentation.
    But now people are drifting away from it may be for the reason that here they have to spend a lot of time in picking transitions between slides. Popular presentation tools focus on slide, which should not be the focus at all.

    Samreen M

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