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This feature is first in the series of authorSTREAM Customer Stories. Through this, you can learn how our customers leveraged authorSTREAM services to enhance their personal, educational or business interests or simply to give expression to their creativity. 

Nubia Isa, living in the magnificent Bretagne, France, is addicted to making presentations. Managing accounts in a medical company, presentations for her are a window to a whole new world out there. Through stunning images, touching music and beautiful animations, her multimedia presentations have created a niche for themselves. 

She initially started designing greeting cards on inspiring poetry and started a group on Yahoo in 2005 to share the same with others. She later turned to making PowerPoint slideshows in 2009 to share the beauty of places, cultures and people we may never get to meet in life. Presentations are the simplest way, she believes, to know and learn from different cultures, understand others better, bridge distances and achieve the ideal of world peace. It is also a medium, she feels, that makes people forget the harshness of life and find inner peace.

Her love for making and sharing presentations led her to start her very own blog in 2010.
Her search for online presentation sharing platforms thus began so that she could share her work with the rest of the world and also look for an effective embed tool to include her presentations in her blog. She shares with us the rest of the story:

Challenges I faced before joining authorSTREAM
Finding a platform was easy but one that met my needs was difficult. I used an online presentation sharing site but was not satisfied with it. They did not support music in presentations, making my presentations play mute on that platform. The embed code provided by that platform too did not support any multimedia effects. Result being that when I picked up the embed code and pasted it on my blog, static output stared in my face. Apart from music, I faced many issues in presentation output but the platform remained indifferent to those.  I felt I was losing my precious time in this process.

How I came across authorSTREAM
One day while searching for an alternative PowerPoint Slideshow (PPS) platform, I came across this platform- authorSTREAM. I found the feature I was looking for the most- authorSTREAM retained music. Quickly, I uploaded my presentation on authorSTREAM, grabbed the embed code and put it on my blog. Music played perfectly to my big relief. This was enough to convince me to switch over to authorSTREAM. My endless search for an online presentation sharing website that met my needs was over for good.

Problems authorSTREAM helped me solve

  • Retains multimedia effects– All animations, transitions and rehearsed timings are retained in my presentation and the PowerPoint Slideshow plays exactly as I made it. If there is any issue whatsoever in output, the support team is quick in addressing those.
  • Effective embed code– Having a blog of my own exclusively dedicated to PowerPoint Slideshows, authorSTREAM has solved all my embedding problems.
  • Easy to use interface– Uploading and sharing presentation is a quick and easy affair.

Features I benefited the most from

  • Embed– Not just any embed but one that plays my presentation as I wanted it
  • Share on Facebook– Yes, I am on Facebook too and I like to frequently update my status whenever I make a new presentation.
  • Convert to Video– My presentations are now easily accessible on YouTube thanks to this feature.

My favorite feature
I would have to say is that for me the best authorSTREAM feature is that it retains music in my presentation. This is what brought me to authorSTREAM in the first place.

Facebook app is pretty easy to use
authorSTREAM’s Facebook app is great. Presentations look almost as if you are seeing a video on Facebook. Application is easy to use and sharing with friends is possible with a click of a button. Though we can upload presentations from within Facebook, I still upload my PowerPoint Slideshows from authorSTREAM out of habit.

authorSTREAM is the best presentation sharing platform on the Web
For me authorSTREAM is the best PowerPoint sharing site online. Apart from features, the quality and service of their customer support team makes it stand apart from others. If any problem arises, they respond quickly and try their best to find the most effective solution to my problem. Their team does not treat customers as mere numbers but make them feel at home.
Another thing I appreciate about this platform is that it does not give prominence to business PPS creators alone. Entertainment PPS creators like me are given a prominent place in their featured section too.

Some suggestions I have for authorSTREAM

  • Possibility to upload password-protected presentations (close to impossible, I know) to protect my presentations against piracy 
  • Receiving comments via authorSTREAM, not Facebook. Many a times, Facebook does not send notification that someone has posted a comment on our presentation. Also, many users do not comment as they do not want others to see their Facebook profile.

My advice for others who love to make presentations
The Creativity and Quality of Service of authorSTREAM will really change your vision of an online PPS sharing site – try it and you will never feel the need to change service.

Watch Nubia’s PowerPoint presentations. She has uploaded more than 1200 presentations on authorSTREAM.

Sign up on authorSTREAM and enjoy sharing presentations the way Nubia does.

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