Yancey’s webinar on Presentation ROI was truly worth it!

Did you ever imagine that your presentation could help you seal a deal of $1.79 million!

Yes! Yancey Unequivocally, Founder and 
President of Empowered Presentations, made many such startling revelations through her one-hour free webinar on Presentation Return on Investment (ROI). Is it worth it? on May 29.

Yancey’s loud and clear voice, Cory Jim’s moderation skills and the impressive decks made the one-hour webinar an enthralling affair. It was as enriching as their last webinar How to create Rockstar Presentations!

For those who missed their latest webinar and for those who attended and want to view it again, the recording of the live webinar is out.

Watch the recording of webinar: Presentation ROI. Is it worth it?

Combining the right dose of information and interaction, Yancey, Founder and President of Empowered Presentations, dwelt upon important yet easily overlooked finer points of presentation. Plus, the attendees had easy access through the webinar to the case studies and samples of Empowered Presentations’ work which won them several awards.

Answering Why it’s important to invest in a presentation, What is the potential worth of your presentation and How to calculate it, Yancey drove home the point that while a bad presentation can make it or break it, an empowered presentation can open the doors for you.

Many attendees also got the chance to get their doubts cleared from Cory Jim, Founder and CEO of Empowered Presentations, who played the role of session moderator par excellence.

Here’s a snapshot of what webinar offered:

  • Every presentation has the POWER to bring you positive returns; be it in terms of money, influence over others, or change the world;
  • A presentation is just ONE of the factors responsible for getting the desired results and a Very Important one;
  • It’s Not Necessary that you have to outsource to create an Empowered Presentation. You can make one too; and
  • It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. 

Let the first hour that you spend in becoming a presentation expert go into watching this webinar.

If you want to learn real quick, watch the presentation made by Empowered Presentations’ team that summarizes the main points of the webinar.

Keep in mind when you get down to making your next presentation that it could help you land a contract of $1.79 million! And make sure you watch recording of this webinar before you make the first slide. Get inspired by Yancey and Cory Jim and dive deeper into the nitty-gritties of Presentation ROI by watching the recording of the webinar today itself.

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