Learn the Tell ‘n’ Show way to more sales from PowerPoint MVP Ellen

“One of the best webinars I have ever attended.”
“Great info. Good job, Ellen. Thank you.”
“Revealed many mistakes of mine.”
“We will surely rock the audience now.”
“Excellent presentation. Thank you.”

These were some of the reactions to PowerPoint Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Ellen Finkelstein’s webinar “High-Persuasion PowerPoint Presentation Secrets” on authorSTREAM, August 14.

London, Sydney, New York, India, Mexico, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Dubai, Greece…People from all corners of the world attended and participated actively in the webinar. Polls, presentation secrets, tips, before-and-after examples, case studies, question and answer session… the webinar had it all!

If you missed the live webinar and want to watch its recording or you attended the live webinar and want to view it again, here is the link:

A recipient of Microsoft’s highest award PowerPoint MVP (Most Valuable Professional), Ellen is one of the 11 PowerPoint MVPs in the United States and one of the 33 in the world. 
Here are some of the presentation facts Ellen revealed in her webinar:  

  • People can’t effectively read and listen at the same time – You are bound to have a bored audience checking their emails if you are one of those Death by PowerPoint presenters who just reads from the slides. 
  • Short-term memory is limited – Do not overwhelm the audience by putting too much information on your slides. The human mind filters out excess information. 
  • Words aren’t as powerful as pictures – Audience remembers a striking image rather than words. But do all concepts lend themselves to visuals? Yes, says Ellen. 

Watch the recording of the webinar to learn how to turn the above presentation facts to your advantage and know more of such presentation secrets. 

Most importantly, watch the webinar recording to learn how to use the most successful method of presenting- Tell n Show Method. This method has helped many marketers increase their conversion rate and achieve remarkable results. Ellen presented great before-and-after examples of slides her clients made and how she transformed them using Tell n Show method.

If you want to persuade your audiences to buy your product, service or idea, or accept your proposal, then this webinar was meant just for you. The great part is that even if you missed, you can still benefit from Ellen’s expertise by watching the recording of the webinar today.

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