Murdoch varsity lecturer Jenni Parker loves to narrate her presentations and share on authorSTREAM

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Jenni Parker, based in Perth, Australia, is a Lecturer in the School of Education at Murdoch University, Western Australia. She is also studying for a Doctorate of Education [EdD] at the same university. Her research focuses on authentic e-learning supported by new technologies and open access resources. She has previously worked with Edith Cowan University as a Sessional Lecturer and ran her own training business for over 10 years.

In her leisure time, Jenni loves reading murder mysteries of the likes of John Grisham and Patricia Cornwell. An avid scuba diver for over 25 years, she has explored the magical undersea world in the oceans around Australia, The Maldives, and Tahiti. She has swum with manta rays, moray eels and sharks, and has even had a close encounter with a great white shark! Jenni also enjoys pottering around in her backyard, renovating her home, making leadlight windows, dancing and socializing with friends. 

A proud winner of WikiEducator’s User Page Expo Award in 2010, and a recipient of Murdoch University’s Vice Chancellors Teaching Excellence Award for Team Teaching in 2012, she also enjoys making online presentations, especially tutorials, for the benefit of her students as well as authorSTREAM users.

Jenni tells us how she makes the most out of authorSTREAM and how others can also benefit from our features:

authorSTREAM makes sharing presentations with students easy for teachers
As a lecturer and online tutor, I often use PowerPoint presentations to explain key concepts or to create short how-to type videos. I find it extremely beneficial to be able to add narration and then upload the file to authorSTREAM where students can access and view the presentation simply by clicking on the link I provide.

Students get a sense of achievement by uploading their presentations online
authorSTREAM is very easy to use and it is one of the tools I recommend to my students when they are required to create their own narrated presentations for an assignment task. authorSTREAM provides the opportunity for students to think deeply about the subject matter and explain their understanding of the topic. Creating their own presentations also gives students a sense of achievement with the final product they produce and it’s fun.

Challenges I faced before joining authorSTREAM
Before I came across authorSTREAM, I used to upload my PowerPoint presentations without narration. I found without narration the presentations lacked clarity because it was impossible to express everything in text on the slide.

How I came across authorSTREAM
I have been using authorSTREAM for about 5 years and I can’t remember how I discovered it. Probably through one of my syndicated newsletters like OLDaily.

How authorSTREAM helped me overcome my challenges
authorSTREAM enables me to upload a narrated PowerPoint file which it automatically converts to a flash file. The multimedia flash output can be shared via a URL or embedded into a web or blog page. 

authorSTREAM features I love using
The features I use most are:

  • URL and Embed – I just copy and paste the URL for linking or the code provided for adding the flash file to my website,
  • Share – allows me to invite people to view a specific presentation,
  • Channels – help me organize my presentations into different categories. For example, I have a Tutorial channel and a Presentation Channel,
  • Send to YouTube – using the Convert to Video feature, I can upload my presentation-turned-video quickly and easily to YouTube. One can also send the converted video directly to YouTube via authorSTREAM using Send to YouTube feature.
  • Download – enables me store a backup copy of my presentation on my own computer.

My review of this platform
In comparison to other presentation platforms, I find that authorSTREAM offers a great range of features and is very user friendly.

My advice to others
Creating online presentations with authorSTREAM is very easy. authorSTREAM offers a great range of features that are easy to access and manage.

Watch Jenni’s presentations on authorSTREAM, or check out one of her presentations below:

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