Are we Killing the Geniuses in our Schools?

“YOU are a GENIUS and the world needs your contribution.”

It feels great when we are told this, right! One personality, however, chants this over and over again and wants the entire world, especially the education community, to chant after her. For she believes that this is truly the truth, not just a sweet talk. This statement comes from none other than award-winning author, speaker, teacher, consultant, and writer Angela Maiers, widely followed and respected by the learning fraternity and loved by children of all age groups. 

Angela is the founder and President of the consulting firm Maiers Education Services and has spent the past 22 years working diligently to help learners of all ages succeed by recognizing their power as readers, writers, and global communicators. Whether through her books, speeches, tweets, or PowerPoint presentations, she does not want to lose a single opportunity to say this loud and clear- You are a genius and You Matter.

Through her presentation “No Genius Left Behind” on authorSTREAM, Angela Maiers wants to start a movement, a much-needed reform in the educational set up wherein no genius will be left behind. She is quick to clarify that by genius she does not mean someone who has a staggering 140+ IQ but possesses three simple traits- solves problems, makes an impact and gifts the world.

Watch Angela Maiers presentation “No Genius Left Behind” below to see the powerful message she has for educators and students across the world:

No Genius Left Behind

More presentations from Angela Maiers


Do you agree with Angela Maiers that every person, including yourself, is a genius and has something to contribute to the world? Share with us what’s your take on this by mentioning it in the ‘Comments’ below.

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