authorSTREAM wishes all teachers a Happy Teacher’s Day!

Lectures. Scolding. Appreciation. Guidance. Respect. Love. Friend. Activities. Marks. Grades. Chiding. Motivation. Learning. School. College. University. Mentor. In short, TEACHER.

It’s difficult, quite impossible to describe in words what teachers mean to us, the role they play in shaping our lives, our character and our future. authorSTREAM wants to seize this opportunity to thank all the teachers in this world for their contribution. 

On this day, September 5, Teacher’s Day is being celebrated in India in the honor of its second president and an ideal teacher Dr S. Radhakrishnan. Though celebrated on different dates in different countries in honor of different personalities, we believe every day is a good day to thank our beloved teachers.

My Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Thompson

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authorSTREAM is privileged to have some of the best academicians in the world as its users who share their presentations on authorSTREAM for the benefit of students in all corners of the world. A special thank you to these teachers.

If you have a story about your own favorite teacher, we’d love to hear about it. Make your teacher feel special by sharing this presentation with her. Happy Teacher’s Day! 

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