7 scary PowerPoint Templates to frighten your loved ones this Halloween

Are you racking your brain for ideas on doing something different this Halloween? How about giving your next presentation in Halloween style- be it a presentation for clients, colleagues, classmates, or simply exchanging scary stories between friends. Let witches, skeletons, scary scarecrows, pumpkins, bats, and ghosts do the talking in your presentation! 

To help you create the perfect Halloween-themed PowerPoint presentation, authorSTREAM Templates Marketplace has brought together an amazing, spooky collection of PowerPoint templates.

To give you a peek into the amazing templates in store for you, we have handpicked 7 templates that’ll help you prepare a killer presentation in no time. These templates and all others on our marketplace are professionally designed to lend the spooky touch to your presentation. You can buy these at the most affordable price of $ 3.99 on authorSTREAM Templates Marketplace. Click on the images to view and download the template:

It’s on the full moon night, like in this title slide of the template, that spirits are beckoned to the world of earthlings.

Evil spirits and witches are hungry and looking for their next prey. A Jack-o’-lantern as in this template can keep them at bay.

Do not let spirits scare you. Scare them instead with these scary scarecrows. Plus, it’s a perfect way to save your crops from evil influences.

Should you climb this tree if you confront the devil? Or is it another Devil’s trap?

Not all witches are ugly looking. But can you trust this beautiful witch and hitch a ride home with her on her broom? At your own risk…

The dead are back and their skeletons seek revenge from the living. Don’t let them take you along to their graves…

An angry spirit is trapped inside this haunted house since centuries. No one has come out of it alive. Do you dare to go inside?

You’ll find more such templates; some scarier, some less scary and some cheerful; on authorSTREAM Templates Marketplace. Pick the one/ones that suit your presentation requirements. But hurry up. Halloween is less than 2 weeks away. Get started today itself on the surprise so that you can scare others’ wits away! Happy Halloween with authorSTREAM Templates Marketplace!

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