Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor chooses authorSTREAM to share his magical recipes

Foodies rejoice!

Sanjeev Kapoor, the biggest TV chef in the world and the man who has changed what is cooked in millions of kitchens, has chosen authorSTREAM to share his worldwide famous recipes!

That’s right. After winning hearts (and tastes) of millions of people with his television shows and best-selling cookbooks, Sanjeev is all set to use authorSTREAM to spread his culinary empire in all corners of the world.

If you love authentic Indian cuisine and want to learn how to cook traditional Indian delicacies, you need not go anywhere else! Gajar ka Halwa, Chilli Paneer, Dal Makhani, Gulab Jamun, recipes of these and many more yummy dishes are now just a click away on authorSTREAM! Mouth watering, right!

From lavish appetizers to luscious desserts, you can now cook traditional Indian dishes on your own and impress your loved ones with your culinary skills. To have a regular feed of his recipes on your dashboard and in your inbox, just click on the link below

More about Sanjeev Kapoor: The biggest TV chef in the world
Sanjeev Kapoor needs no introduction. He’s a Master Chef, TV show host, author of best-selling cookbooks, owner of TV Channel, restaurant consultant, architect of a unique range of food products and winner of numerous culinary awards, including ‘Best Chef of India’ award by the Government of India.

Besides being the most celebrated face of Indian cuisine today, Sanjeev is one of the top 5 celebrity chefs in the world along with Heston Blumenthal, Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and Wolfgang Puck. He was also featured on the program ‘Quest’ on CNN channel.

He has authored around 36 books that have already sold 10 million copies worldwide. What’s more, he has his own 24-hour TV channel FoodFood and his website is a complete cookery manual including over 6,000 tested recipes and gets around 2 million hits a day. And hey, to add to his fame, Sanjeev Kapoor has a reality show Sanjeev Kapoor Ke Kitchen Khiladi, where ordinary families take on professional chefs in the ultimate culinary battle. 

Now, share Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipes with friends using authorSTREAM 
When Sanjeev Kapoor appeared on the television screen 20 years ago in 1993 with his cooking show Khana Khazana, millions of housewives and youngsters sat before the screen with pen and paper in their hands to jot down his amazing recipes. These notes were further shared and exchanged amongst friends and relatives. 

Well, that has changed thanks to his easily available books, his personal website and videos on YouTube. Now, add to this list his PowerPoint presentations too. With authorSTREAM, sharing Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipes with close ones via email, social networks, or blogs will be a piece of cake! 
A gastronomic treat for authorSTREAM users
Prepare one of the most famous Indian desserts Gajar Halwa with this recipe by Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor:

20130506_Recipe Presentation_Gajar Halwa

More presentations from Sanjeev Kapoor

Also master Indo-Chinese cuisine and the perfect appetizer Chilli Paneer with this presentation:

Chilli Paneer Recipe Presentation.


More presentations from Sanjeev Kapoor

Have a chocolaty affair with Chocolate Modak. No more admiring these delectable creations from a distance at bakeries and chocolate shops. You can now prepare them, in your home kitchen with this recipe presentation:

Chocolate Modak

More presentations from Sanjeev Kapoor

Chef extraordinaire Sanjeev Kapoor is sharing with authorSTREAM users many such interesting recipes every week. As the holiday season is around the corner, make your own finger-licking delicacies with Sanjeev’s simple recipes and merrily gorge on them.

Do not forget to follow Sanjeev’s profile so that you remain updated via your dashboard and email whenever he uploads a new presentation.

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